Provisional Program

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The program overview below is provisional and will be updated as planning proceeds. Please check this page regularly. 

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Thursday 18 November

Symposia Sessions
1000 – 1130 Symposia Session 1 Symposia Session 2

Evaluating Fitness to Stand Trial in Australia

Grant Blake & Dr Chelsea Leach

Racial disparities in risk assessment: measurement, detection and potential solutions

Dr Benjamin Spivak, Dr Stephane Shepherd, Linda Ashford & Samantha Venner

Opening Plenary Session
1200 – 1205 Welcome to the 2021 ANZAPPL Online Congress
1205 – 1210 Welcome to Country
1210 – 1305

Keynote Presentation – Professor Barry Rosenfeld

Professor of Psychology | Adjunct Professor of Law at Fordham University 

1305 – 1335 Lunch & Exhibition
Concurrent Sessions
1335 – 1435 Concurrent Session 1 Concurrent Session 2 Concurrent Session 3

Family violence experts in the criminal court: the need to fill the void

Prof. Mark Heneghan, Dr Jacqueline Short &
Dr Pauline Gulliver

Staying at the scene of the crime; the psychology of the embezzler

Dr David Curnow

The promise of Independent Mental Health Advocates

Prof. Penelope Weller

The role of expert evidence in facilitating child participation in care and adoption matters in New South Wales, Australia

Pei Kong

The New Zealand Fire Awareness and Intervention Programme: Reach, Uptake and Barriers to Engagement

Dr Nichola Tyler & Dr Clare-Ann Fortune

The Lake Alice Hospital Child & Adolescent Unit: Accountability – The Response to Date

Rosemary Thomson

1435 – 1500 Afternoon Tea & Exhibition
Concurrent Sessions
1500 – 1600 Concurrent Session 4 Concurrent Session 5 Concurrent Session 6

Adolescent stalking victimisation and perpetration in an Australian sample

A/Prof. Troy McEwan

Finding the Trust: Placing Epistemic Trust in the Procedural Justice Discourse

A/Prof. Jill Howieson & Ben Di Sabato

The social determinants of mental health and human rights: Finding common ground

Dr Yvette Maker

The mental health and mental health service utilisation of perpetrators and victims of youth family violence

Maddison Riachi

Stolen Generations Continued?

Dr Daud Saaed

Impact of mental health court diversion on re-offending

Dr Yin-Lan Soon

1600 – 1700 Australian & New Zealand Association of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law (ANZAPPL) Annual General Meeting


Friday 19 November

Symposia Sessions
1000 – 1130 Symposia Session 3 Symposia Session 4

Sexual Homicide: Practical Empirical Foundations for Clinicians and Investigators

Dr Rajan Darjee & Dr Michael Davis

Psychiatrists experiences of racism working in the forensic mental health system

Dr Gunvant Patel

Plenary Session
1200 – 1205 Welcome to Day 2 of the 2021 ANZAPPL Online Congress
1205 – 1305

Automated Decision-Making Systems: Future Shock for the Disciplines of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law?

Emeritus Professor Bernadette McSherry

Commissioner | Victorian Law Reform Commission | Melbourne Law School

1305 – 1335 Lunch & Exhibition
Concurrent Sessions
1335 – 1435 Concurrent Session 7 Concurrent Session 8 Concurrent Session 9

Dangerous Sex Offenders: Recidivism Rates and Risk Characteristics

Dr Michael Rowlands

‘I cannot dismiss from my mind your traumatic and tragic upbringing’: Trauma-informed sentencing in South Australia

Katherine McLachlan

Exploring Offending Characteristics of Young People with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in Western Australia

Grace Kuen Yee Tan

Don’t Be Silly! You Can’t Assess Risk for Terrorism

Dr Michael Davis

At the heart of sentencing: Exploring whether more compassionate sentencing narratives reduce public punitiveness

Prof. Mark Nolan

‘Integrated Therapeutic Justice Care’: Embedding ‘collaborative care’ to address family violence for Aboriginal children and families with complex needs

Dr Effie Zafirakis

1435 – 1500 Afternoon Tea & Exhibition
Concurrent Sessions
1500 – 1600 Concurrent Session 10 Concurrent Session 11 Concurrent Session 12

Development of the Atypical Sexual Interests (self-report) Scale: The Dimensional Structure of Paraphilia

Dr Fiona Morrison

Unreasonable doubts? Exploring predictors of mock-juror verdicts in sexual assault trials

Thea Gumbert

AI on the Ward: ‘Digitally Assisted Nursing Observation’ in Acute Psychiatric Units

Dr Piers Gooding

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and the Criminal Law

Prof. Ian Freckelton

What Makes an Expert Persuasive? Examining the Influence of Relevant and Superficial Cues on Jurors’ Evaluation of Forensic Expert Credibility and Evidence Quality

Mariam Younan

Culture, colonization, and community: Rethinking the cultural problems with risk assessment

Prof. Douglas Boer & Dr Armon Tamatea

1600 – 1700 Networking Event

Saturday 20 November

Symposia Sessions
1000 – 1130 Symposia Session 5 Symposia Session 6

Sexual Abuse Allegations in the Family Court

Dr Chris Lennings & Dr Katie Seidler

Personality Disorder and Sentencing in the criminal courts: emerging themes in mental health evidence and jurisprudence after Brown v The Queen

Dr Andrew Carroll & Tim Marsh

Plenary Session
1200 – 1205 Welcome to Day 3 of the 2021 ANZAPPL Online Congress
1205 – 1305

Keynote Presentation – Helen Milroy, University of Western Australia


1305 – 1335 Lunch & Exhibition
Concurrent Sessions
1335 – 1435 Concurrent Session 13 Concurrent Session 14 Concurrent Session 15

The use of social media to communicate suicidality by young rural people and its application for community responders and clinicians

Anne-Maree (Annie) Fardell Hartley

The role of traumatic experiences for treatment in violent offending groups

A/Prof. Hedwig Eisenbarth

Understanding psychological characteristics that differentiate stalking and interpersonal violence

Bradley Reich

The Effects of Group Conferencing on Youth Recidivism and the Structure of Effective Conferences: Questioning the Critical Elements of Restorative Justice Programming in a Cohort of Higher-Risk Young People

Robert Bonett

Building data capacity for the Post Sentence Authority of Victoria; how learning about the current group of people on post sentence orders enhances decision making.

Dr David Curnow & Carmel Arthur

The Personality Inventory for DSM-5–Brief Form: An Examination of Internal Consistency, Factor Structure, and Relationship to Aggression in an Incarcerated Offender Sample

Dr Ashley Dunne

1435 – 1500 Afternoon Tea & Exhibition
Plenary Session
1500 – 1545

Keynote Presentation – Professor Marilyn McMahon, Deputy Dean, School of Law, Deakin University

Facilitated by Zoe Rathus, Senior Lecturer, Griffith Law School

1545 – 1600 Congress Close
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