Stolen Generations Continued?

Dr Daud Saaed1,2,3

1PREMHA, Sydney, 2IARPP Australia, 3RANZCP – Faculty of Psychotherapy, Sydney

A Ngunnawal man faces separation from his child in infancy – a repetition of what he and his parents also endured. A child protection system in need of reform and resources, elides with legal processes that continues to traumatize through structural racism. A relational perspective sheds light on understanding what is taking place and moving beyond doer and done to dynamics.


Daud Saeed is interested in furthering understanding about working therapeutically across race and considering much needed advocacy on the part of those othered through systemic racism. He has worked in psychiatry for over 20 years in public, forensic and private settings; and endeavors to bring relational perspectives to our understanding. He is a founding member of Psychiatrists for Racial Equality in Mental Health Australia, and was honored to deliver a plenary on Contested Spaces at IARPP’s 14th conference in Sydney.