Development of the Atypical Sexual Interests (self-report) Scale: The Dimensional Structure of Paraphilia

Dr Michael Rowlands1, Dr Fiona Morrison1, Ms Eliza Brock, Ms Helen Stocker, Dr Rebecca Green, Mr Daniel Marks, Ms Diana Castano

1Monash University, Clayton, Australia

The DSM-5 classifies paraphilic disorders, demonstrated by intense and persistent sexual interest in targets that are not phenotypically normal, physically mature, consenting human partners. However, there is limited research on means of assessing a range of these atypical sexual interests. This study sampled 1,650 individuals (M age = 33.64 years, SD age = 16.1) from the general population to assess a novel 53-item Atypical Sexual Interests (self-report) Scale (ASIS). The ASIS measures six atypical interests: devotism, frotteurism, voyeurism, exhibitionism, sexual sadism, and sexual masochism. An Exploratory Factor Analysis and subsequent Confirmatory Factor Analysis refined the ASIS items, and identified that either a four- or six-factor model appropriately fit the data. These findings suggest that each of the measured atypical sexual interests can be individually assessed with the ASIS. Alternatively, frotteurism, voyeurism and exhibitionism appear to load onto a single factor of courtship deviation. The development of the ASIS allows for future research to explore a range of atypical sexual interests. Furthermore, upon future validation, the ASIS could be utilised in clinical settings to screen for a range of paraphilias.


Dr Fiona Morrison works in educational and research roles at Monash University. Additionally, she practices as a psychologist in a psychosocial rehabilitation unit in a men’s high security prison in Victoria, Australia. Her research interests include aggression, violent offending, sexual paraphilias, and the experiences of offenders.

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