Building data capacity for the Post Sentence Authority of Victoria; how learning about the current group of people on post sentence orders enhances decision making.

Dr David Curnow1, Ms Carmel  Arthur1

1Post Sentence Authority Of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

The Post Sentence Scheme has been in operation in Victoria for nearly 15 years, undergoing several iterations during this time.  From its inception until 2018 only prisoners convicted of sexual offences were considered for this scheme, but after a review of the program by Justice Harper after the murder of Masa Vukotic by Sean Price, and enactment of the Serious Offenders Act 2018,  violent offenders could also be considered by courts for placement on this scheme.   A preliminary review of the entire cohort (past and current) has recently been undertaken by the Post Sentence Authority, the body that is responsible for monitoring individuals who have been placed on supervision or detention orders after their sentence.  This presentation reviews the risk levels, comorbidities, psychopathy levels, and backgrounds of those whom the court has deemed after serving custodial sentences for certain serious sex offences or certain serious violence offences still present an unacceptable risk of harm to the community.  Presenters will discuss how the use of this data aids the Post Sentence Authority’s decision making capacity especially when addressing the systemic challenges such individuals present for custodial, disability, mental health, accommodation, forensic treatment and AOD services.


Carmel Arthur was appointed as a full-time member on 27 February 2018.

Carmel has a diverse background and extensive experience in strategic planning, integrated service delivery, and systems thinking in both the public and private sector. She has vast experience in the criminal justice system which has included working with the Courts, Corrections Victoria and Victoria Police. Carmel has great personal insight and a unique comprehension of the operation of the criminal justice system. She is not only a victim of crime but has also worked with many victims of crime and brings a wide perspective and breadth of experience from across the victim support system.

She advocates for better treatment of victims and their families through the criminal justice systems, and is particularly conscious of the need to keep the community engaged and informed about the justice system. She is also committed to finding the balance between delivering a safer community and supporting the treatment and rehabilitation of offenders through the use of effective and evidence based means by ensuring offenders take responsibility for their own risk reduction, through building the necessary human and social capital required to live a meaningful life in the community. Carmel is a founding member of the Sentencing Advisory Council, is on the Board of the Penington Institute and held the role of community member on the Adult Parole Board for nine years before her term expired in 2017.

Carmel is the Chair of the Authority’s Strategy and Engagement Subcommittee.