Japanese style of therapeutic jurisprudence: How can we put the new wine into the old bottle?

Prof. Makoto Ibusuki1

1Seijo University, Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan

Recently in Japan, a number of projects supporting the rehabilitation of defendants in the criminal justice system launched not only in the court procedure but also in other processes before/after indictment.  This paper will introduce these efforts. They are, for instance, collaborations of the social services and the prosecutor office, and the therapeutic community/rehabilitation group home and the defense attorney.  The paper will also describe the current attempt by the government to deal with recidivism.  It was published by the Ministry of Justice on December 2017 to reduce the recidivism.  Author shows the recent movement of therapeutic jurisprudence in the Japanese academic society including Research Center of therapeutic jurisprudence(TJ) in Seijo University to support the current development toward the TJ based criminal policy in Japan.

Finally, this paper argues that even in a country such as Japan, which has no actual problem solving court, the TJ based policy and action can be a powerful engine to enhance the therapy oriented criminal procedure and to provide various opportunities for rehabilitation to the defendants.


Professor of Law ( Criminal Procedure Law ) at the Faculty of Law, Seijo University since 2009. Director of the Seijo Research Center for the Therapeutic Jurisprudence, which he founded in the April 2017, producing various research projects including teaching, training, publishing and establishing the TJ friendly criminal justice in Japan.

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