Stalking in the workplace

Dr Lorraine Sheridan1

1Dr, Lesmurdie, Australia

Studies of stalking in the workplace have so far been limited to examinations of particular occupational groups. The literature on domestic violence and the workplace has recorded stalking activities perpetrated by domestically abusive offenders. No works have yet focussed on stalking in the workplace across a range of professions by both domestically abusive stalkers and by stalkers with whom the victim was not previously romantically involved. This presentation is based on data from a survey on the experiences of being stalked. Cases of stalking that began in the workplace and cases of ex-partner stalking that began elsewhere and spilled over into the workplace have been selected for examination. The majority of these respondents were targeted by colleagues. The course and nature of workplace based stalking will be described, along with practical implications.


Dr Lorraine Sheridan is a Chartered Forensic Psychologist. She completed Europe’s first PhD on stalking and has so far published four books and more than 70 papers on the subject. Her research has taken an applied, interventionist angle and she frequently trains professionals involved in investigating stalking crimes. In the UK, Lorraine was a police accredited offender profiler and she compiles psychological reports related to offenders, highlighting the risks posed by known or unknown suspects. She regularly gives case management advice to the police, security personnel, public figures and others on stalking, harassment, violence, risk assessment, threat assessment, malicious communications and similar topics. After a long stint as an academic in universities in the UK, Lorraine is now a Senior Lecturer at Curtin University in Perth. She is a founder member of the Association of European Threat Assessment Professionals. Her risk checklist for stalking has been adopted by most English and Welsh police forces and partner agencies.

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